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    CAN bus message LCD PSoC 5LP


      Hello friends, good morning!

      I am looking to make the calls with my two PSoC 5LP cards using a 16x2 LCD display to be able to transmit and receive CAN bus messages as described in their application notes: EEOL_2009OCT09_INTD_AN_01 (AN52701) and 001-52701_AN52701_PSoC_3_and_PSoC_5LP_Getting_trans_Stand_Control.

      How to connect my 2 16x2 LCD displays (pinout 1 to 14) and correctly configure my two PSoC 5LP (transmitter and receiver) to view the identical messages as they are in your application notes mentioned above? I will be using the same scheme as the second page of the application note: AN52701 according to the photo sent where I will use two TJA1050 transceivers together with my two PSoC 5LP as seen in another attached photo.

      I would like some help to be able to develop my work.



      I'm waiting for your answer.



      Grateful for the attention!20200518_114335~2.jpg20200518_115313.jpg