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    Component import in psoc creator


      Hello everybody,

      I wanted to know is there any possibility of importing a component into the PSoC creator software, I need a programmable voltage reference ( For now I have used a voltage divider bridge temporarily, but it is better to use the maximum of PSoC resources )

      In the datasheet mentions that there is this component, but during the implementation, I can't find it!

      Can someone give me a lead, I would be pleased!


      For information, I have a PSoC 4200L development board.

      Thanks in advance


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          Hi Soukanya,


          The PVref component is not supported on PSoC4200L devices. I could not find any mention of it on device datasheet or architecture TRM.  You can find the component on PSoC Analog Co-processor and PSoC41XXPS devices. The components supported by the devices will normally listed in PSoC Creator. Additionally without hardware support to use the feature, you will not be able import and use a component. I hope that is clear. To meet your application requirement you may have to use external components in one way or other.


          Best Regards,