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    Modus Toolbox and UART Communication?


      Hi, is anyone here using Modus toolbox and PSoC 6? I decided to just drown myself immediately in embedded systems so I picked up the CY8CPROTO-062-4343W and am now twiddling my thumbs waiting https://testmyspeed.onl/  https://solitaire.onl/  http://essaywriter.fun/   for Adafruit-esque spoon feeding to help me actually do anything with it. The basic application is: communicate with a sensor that has an 8N1 UART interface, via my computers terminal. I want to send the sensor a promt (the Datasheet lists some key words like #VERS). When the sensor gets a valid prompt it echoes the prompt and appends values. So far I can get the board to blink.. AND it can echo whatever character I send via terminal.


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          >>"The basic application is: communicate with a sensor that has an 8N1 UART interface, via my computers terminal."

          --> You can do this. Does your end applicaion involves computer terminal? Or, you are using this situation for testing only?


          If your end application includes your computer, then you have to implement 2 intervaces i.e computer to the PSoC and PSoC to the sensor.


          For interfacing with PC, you can use USB in PSoC 62 device and write USB application to transfer commands from PC to PSoC. Or, you can also use the Kitprog3 (another PSoC) present on the kit that acts a USB to UART interface between PC and PSoC. On PC you can use the applications like TeraTerm to send the commands to PSoC.


          For interfacing sensor with PSoC, you can use the SCB UART component present in the PSoC. You can also go through various code examples present in Modus Toolbox on UART.


          You can also refer the code examples present in PSoC Creator on UART.


          Please go through them and try to build your application. Kindly update if you got stuck at any point.


          Thanks and regards


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            What type of physical interface does your sensor device provide?

            • UART- USB?
            • UART - RS232?
            • UART - RS485?
            • UART - TTL/CMOS?
            • other


            For example I found a sensor device that supports the #VERS command on the internet.  It is called the "PICO-ph".


            It has the UART - TTL/CMOS interface.


            If your sensor has a UART - TTL/CMOS interface, you can use one the CY8CPROTO-062-4343W SCB blocks and configure it as a UART.  You can hook up the sensor's Rx pin to the PSoC6's Tx pin and the sensor's Tx pin to the PSoC6's Rx pin.


            Using the KitProg3's UART interface, the serial input (Rx)  from the user on the PC using a terminal program can be received on the PSoC6 and sent directly to the sensor's UART Tx.  Anything received from the senor's Rx pin can be sent directly to the KitProg3's Tx pin which will be displayed in the PC's terminal program.



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              I've enclosed a MTB project that implements a Double UART Tx and Rx to support a Serial sensor input.


              Read the ReadMe.md file.