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    I need to send and receive messages with the Mesh Vendor_specific_app and mesh_provision_client app, please help me


      in the board with code Mesh_Snip_213043MESH.mesh_vendor_specific_app I can print in WICED Peripheral UART the message sent by provision_client app as shown in the image

      I added the line: WICED_BT_TRACE ("Dato:% B \ n", p_data);





      I want to print the reply message in WICED Peripheral UART on the card with the code provision_client app



      I added the line: WICED_BT_TRACE ("Reply message:% B \ n", p_data);

      in the function: wiced_bool_t mesh_vendor_client_message_handler (wiced_bt_mesh_event_t * p_event, uint8_t * p_data, uint16_t data_len)



      but the reply message does not print correctly: ("123456789101")



      the image shows the code and the message in the terminal

      in the terminal it shows the message ( "00 04 20 00 c1 03"):


      Reply message: 00 04 20 00 c1 03

      mesh_vendor_client_message_handler: company_id: 0131 opcode: 2 model_id: ffff





      You can check, the reply massage does not enter the function: void mesh_vendor_client_process_data in the board with the code provision_client app




      help me

      in my work we want to buy 3000 CYBT-213043-MESH but because we cannot solve this problem we cannot buy