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    Question : Modus Toolbox 2.1; 213043Mesh boards; New Application errors




      I make a new workspace for a new project. I choose "New Application". The wiced_btsdk is choosen and this appears with no errors in the project explorer. Then I choose "New Application" again. This time I pick the 'dimmable_light'  application. This also appears in the project explorer, but now with errors.



      Opening project creator from C:/Users/John/ModusToolbox/tools_2.1/project-creator/project-creator

      Importing light_dimmable (1/1) ...

      Error creating Eclipse launch configurations: makefile:268: BTSDK application projects require the wiced_btsdk project as a prerequisite.

      makefile:269: Please create the wiced_btsdk project via New Application wizard in the IDE or via git clone for CLI.

      makefile:270: *** Missing prerequisite wiced_btsdk project.  Stop.




      There's something wrong here. I did as the manual told me. Where to correct the prerequisites?

      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,