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    File not reloaded when changed externaly


      With PSoC Creator 4.3 the file changed detection is not longer working reliable.

      Most times it does not recognize when I change a file outside with another editor.

      That leads to problems of course, sometimes to loss of all changes.

      I am working under Windows 10 64 Bit.

      It worked better with 4.2.

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          Hi user_4495571,


          I tried the following steps -


          1. Opened a project in PSoC Creator 4.3 and opened the main_cm4.c file

          2. Opened a file in another editor, edited the file and saved the file in the editor.

          3. Returned to PSoC Creator and I get this pop up telling that the file has been modified outside PSoC Creator -


          Are you simultaneously editing the file in both PSoC Creator and an editor? Please let me know the procedure to reproduce the issue.


          Thanks and Regards,

          Rakshith M B