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    PSoC4 : LIN sample project is not working properly




      We are considering the PSOC4 LIN component.


      Software : PSoC Creator 4.2

      DVK : CY8CKIT-044 & CY8CKIT-026







      Project : LIN_Slave_CY8CKIT-044.cywrk ( Install CY8CKIT-026 Kit Only)


      1. Open project of LIN_Slave_CY8CKIT-044

      2. Build error occurs in the project as it is. Therefore, after upgrading the component, the build is completed normally.

      3. Program thet project into a demo kit.

      4. Connect the jumper wires and other hardware properly.

      5. The following is not working properly.The LED does not light up even when a command is sent.


      Master sends ID: 0x10

      Master sends ID: 0x10 and ID: 0x11



      The received response is not normal.

      Desired value: ID:0x11、D1:0x22、D2:0xBB、D3:0xFF...

      Current value: D3:D1:0x80、D2:0x00、D3:0xFF ...


      The LED remains off.


      I'm not sure about the problem even with the debugger.
      It looks like the data isn't coming to the LIN slave component, but can you figure out what's going on?