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    What is the correct way to read AMUXBUS voltage with SARADC?


      Hi all,

      I'm working on a project and I need to read the AMUXBUS with the SAR ADC.

      I'm using the CY8CKIT-062-BLE board and I'm working on a modus toolbox.

      I tried two ways for reading AMUXBUS :

      1. By using pin fast initialization and connect the port10 pin 0 to AMUXBUSB and start measuring.
      2. the second way, I used SARSEQ and open AMUXBUSB switch and connecting it with SAR ADC channel


      But none of them worked for me, there is a difference between the measured value with the ADC and the real value I measured by AVO.

      ADC measured voltage > AVO measured voltage


      And I tried to measure the voltage with the other channels which not connected to AMUXBUSB and the measured voltage = measured voltage by the AVO.