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    I need help with IDE 2.2.0 in combination with VRE from Java 8 Update 60

      I need help from the AE team. It appears the IDE will not install with the new version of the JRE


      This is documented on the Installanywhere website.


      This is their explanation on their website. I have highlighted the key points in red.


      The root cause is the File version notation of java executable (java.exe) from Java 8 Update 60 has changed. For instance, the File version of java.exe for earlier versions of java 8 such as Java 8 Update 45 is the following:


      Similarly, the File version of java.exe for Java 8 Update 51 is the following:


      This has changed starting from Java 8 Update 60. The File version of java.exe for Java 8 Update 60 is the following: 8.0.600.27


      Notice the third number is a 3 digit number (600) in case of Java 8 Update 60 whereas the same is a 2 digit number for earlier Java 8 updates.


      The InstallAnywhere launcher code uses the java file version in order to determine and pick up a valid JVM path for the installer to use. The above change in the java file version is causing the launcher to fail and not use the valid JVM path.



      If there is a work around it would be nice to have an instruction sheet. I doubt I am the only one with this problem.

      I am using win10 if that matters.