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    go to function definition does not work




      In my project when i right click to function and try to go to its definition, it does not go there..

      As i have included the required .h file and there is 0 error and 0 warning is the compilation result

      For other functions its working fine but does not work with one file where i have define all functions.

      I am using psoc 4.3


      below message comes as result in my output window

      We were unable to find the symbol 'SdcFile_OpenFile. There are several things that can hinder symbol lookup:

        - Make sure your project compiles without errors.

        - Make sure your "Generated Source" has been generated (Build -> Generate Application).

        - Make sure your .c files #include their corresponding header files.


      Can any one please tell the root cause for this.

      Thanks in advance!


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          It appears you are using the emFile SW from Seeger.


          The issue you are having is that the SdcFile_OpenFile() is a library call into the emFile library.  Seeger did not include the source code for this library which includes this function.  The best you can access is the declaration in the .h file.


          Aside from the API calls to the library functions and do some sleuthing using assembly, Seeger has no plans at this time to include the source code.