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    Is it possible to Implement dimmer switch using lightness client on CYW20706?



      Would anyone please suggest how to implement broadcasting light dimming values using lightness client on CYW20706. I have gone through dimmer demo application written for modbus using level client and server. Kindly clarify the below points to understand better the code.


      1. Is it possible to use lightness client to implement dimmer switch? If yes, what are the API functions to broadcast message to other server nodes, consider provisioning through mobile app.

      2. In WICED 6.2, I could find wiced_bt_mesh_model_level_client_send_set is the only API function available in level client to send message not wiced_bt_mesh_model_level_client_set as in dimmer switch demo. What is the p_event argument value for wiced_bt_mesh_model_level_client_send_set in level client, which acts as gateway or switch, to send messages to other server nodes, consider provisioning through mobile app.


      A brief about my project, I plan to implement smart street light solution using one client, which act as gateway, to broadcast dimming value to other lightness server node. Please suggest if you have any better sloution.