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    UVC display problem with high resultion


      Hi, all

      I got two 2592*2048 cameras, i tried 8 bit mode set UVC as Y16 format everything is right

      when i use 10bit mode add 2bits pad i tried change display resultion as 3888*2048(2592*1.5 *2048) e-camview show 0 fps

      then i keep resultion as 2592*2048 set format as RGB24 e-cam still shows 0fps

      i checked data stream on bushound it shows correct data size on transmission(15925248bytes without uvc header)

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          According to my understanding, when you tried to stream 8 bit data in Y16 format, e CamView displayed the video properly. But when you tried to stream 2592*2048 format in RGB24 mode, e-cam showed 0 fps. Please correct me if Iam wrong.


          Please let me know if you are packing or padding the image data. In addition to this, please let me know the desired frame rate also.


          Also, from the information that you have shared, the bushound reports that the correct data size is received by the host. This can mean that the issue is on host application side. Can you please try testing with AMCap and let me know if you still see 0 fps. Please note that if you are packing or padding the image data, then you would need a custom host application to retrieve the original data.


          Also, can you share the debuglogs so that I can understand if there are any mistakes.


          Best Regards,


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            yes,  when i change the format into 3888x2048 Y16 or 2592x2048 RGB888 (sensor set to 10bit mode and fpga add two more bit pad)the e-cam shows 0fps and nothing display    

            then i tried 2592x2048 Y16 or 1728x2048 RGB888 (sensor set to 8bit mode)the e-cam show correct

            both get correct data size received


            i tried amcap and still nothing


            sry i cant print debuglog for now

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              there are changed part in desc file






              /*GUID for RGB28  "e436eb7d-524f-11ce-9f53-0020af0ba770" */



                      0x18,                           /* Number of bits per pixel */

                      0x01,                           /* Optimum Frame Index for this stream: 1 */

                      0x51, //05

                      0x40, //04

                      0x00,                           /* Interlace Flags: Progressive scanning, no interlace */

                      0x00,                           /* duplication of the video stream restriction: 0 - no restriction */



                      /* Class specific Uncompressed VS frame descriptor */

                      0x1E,                           /* Descriptor size */

                      0x24,                           /* Descriptor type*/

                      0x05,                           /* Subtype: uncompressed frame I/F */

                      0x01,                           /* Frame Descriptor Index */

                      0x03,                           /* Still image capture method 1 supported, fixed frame rate */

                      0x20, 0x0A,                     /* Width in pixel */   //2592  0x20, 0x0A,

                      0x00, 0x08,                     /* Height in pixel */ //2048

                      0x00,0x00,0xe0,0x97,          /* Min bit rate bits/s. */  //0x00,0x50,0x97,0x31,

                      0x00,0x00,0xe0,0x97,            /* Max bit rate bits/s. */   //heliang  2592*2048*16*30

                      //CyTS: Frame Size = 1920 * 1080 * 2 Bytes = 0x3f4800

                      //0x00,0x48,0x3F,0x00,            /* Maximum video or still frame size in bytes(Deprecated)*/

                      0x00,0x00,0xF3,0x00, //2592*2*2048*1.5

                      //CyTS :




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                Please share the changes made in descriptors as in your response 3 when you tried to stream 1728x2048 RGB888.

                Also, in the descriptors that you shared in the response 3, I find that the max and min bit rate are set incorrectly. The correct setting should be the hex equivalent of (2592*2048*24*30) instead of (2592*2048*16*30).


                In addition to these, please share the probe control structure from the firmware with me so that I can understand if the probe control is modified so as to support the desired resolution.


                Best Regards,


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                  thanks very much

                  there are probe control setting error that the max pic size was 2592*2048*2 byte not 2592*2048*2*1.5