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    Is there a BLE OTA DFU example with the bootloader in the CM0+ core.


      I have been studying the BLE OTA DFU example in CE216767. It shows a lot of what I need to do, but is not directly suitable to copy-and-paste into my project.


      To start with, the CE216767 example locates the bootloader in the CM4 core and the downloaded main application in the CM0+ core. I will need my main application to run in the CM4 core. (And it seems like this would be the more common real-world configuration rather than the reverse used in CE216767.)


      The obvious first step was to go into the configuration for the BLE components in App0 and App1 and just swap the CPU core used in each one. This, unfortunately, resulted in a truck load of compile time errors.


      So, does anyone know of any example DFU code that puts the main app in CM4 and the bootloader in CM0+? Or where there is any guidance as to how to make this happen?




      Ed H.