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    Use Modulo type 1MW with raspberry compute module 3




      We are trying to make a design with the Wifi Type 1MW module on a Raspberry compute module 3.


      Our idea was to use this Wifi module with this design because this module has the Cypress 43455 chipset (the same as the Raspberry Pi 3B +).We only need the Wifi part of the module. Not bluetooth.


      We thought that by connecting the module through SDIO, adjusting the device tree for the correct GPIOs, the driver that comes with Raspbian would work. But it's not like that.


      It detects the connected module, the driver loads, but no device appears in the S.O.


      Would a special firmware be required in the module?

      Is it different from what type 1MW can carry? If so, could the Raspberry 3B + firmware be loaded?

      Any ideas why it doesn't work?


      Thanks in advanced,


      Best Regards,
      Abraham Velez,
      Bizintek Innova.