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      I just upgraded to PSoC Creator 4.3.  I am running on Mac, version 10.12.6.

      I am running VMWare Fusion 10.1.6.


      Under PSoC Creator 4.2, using KitProg 2.3.3, I can debug my project with a Windows 7 Virtual Machine when the project contains a USBUART with the 0x4b4, 0xf32 standard default settings, and the unsigned driver loaded into the operating system, with NO issues (other than standard connect/disconnect/debug restart issues which are understandable) when the USBUART is plugged into the PSoC5LP USB IO ports.


      Under PSoC Creator 4.3, using KitProg 2.3.3, when I start a debug session, IF the USBUART is plugged into the Macintosh USB port, AND I *START* a Debug Session, *EVERY* SINGLE USB PORT RESETS AND THEN RECONNECTS.  I loose 3 USB 3 drives.  I loose my USB mouse.  I loose *everything*.  Everything reconnects, lots of warning messages from MacOS, debug can continue.


      IF the USBUART  *is NOT* plugged into the Macintosh USB port, then NO PROBLEMS!!!!  No USB Reset, everything works fine.


      To summarize: With USBUART plugged into the Mac from a PSOC5LP, under PSoC Creator 4.3, all USB devices go offline.  With PSoC Creator 4.2, this does NOT happen. 


      Please look at the code changes in the PSoC 4.3 creator *Debug Start* sequence relative to the PSoC 4.2 creator *Debug Start* sequence and you should find it easily.


      100% reproducible.  If necessary I can do a video and let you see it happen.  It is not my imagination.  I don't think this is a PICNIC problem. (Problem in Chair, Not in Computer).