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    Some questions about "CYBT-343026-01 WICED EZ-Serial FW Image V1.1.14"



      I am using the "CYBT-343026-01 WICED EZ-Serial FW Image V1.1.14" program on a “CYBT-343026-EVAL” board.

      I am using as a reference the document “EZ-Serial WICED Firmware Platform User Guide for CYW2070x-based Modules.pdf”.


      I have some questions about this set.



      I try to change the device name by the command “gap_set_device_name (SDN, ID=4/15)”.

      I verify that the name is modified by the command “gap_get_device_name (GDN, ID=4/16)”:

      so I am sure that the stored name is actually changed.

      But when I try to connect my device, the name seen in the air is always the default name “EZ-Serial …”

      Where is my mistake?



      During connection/unconnection I receive some events, 16/4 16/2 16/3, but these events are

      not documented  in the reference pdf.

      What is the meaning of these events?

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