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    Problem Installing DSK-2.2.0-IDE on Windows 10

      I need help with this problem


      I installed the 32bit jre1.8.0_60


      When I installed the IDE i got this error message:




      This is what is posted on the launchanywhere website:



      As a result of Issue# IOJ-1737900, the Without VM installer fails to launch with Java 8 Update 60 on Windows. However, this issue does not affect With VM installers.


      When this issue occurs, the user receives this error in the screenshot:


      LaunchAnywhere launcher error






      The installer is using the Java location specified in the PATH environment variable, specifically:
      Then, the installer is appending \bin\java.exe to that directory path. But:
      does not exist. Hence, the installer fails to launch and instead displays this error in the screenshot:


      LaunchAnywhere launcher error


      The root cause is the File version notation of java executable (java.exe) from Java 8 Update 60 has changed. For instance, the File version of java.exe for earlier versions of java 8 such as Java 8 Update 45 is the following:


      Similarly, the File version of java.exe for Java 8 Update 51 is the following:


      This has changed starting from Java 8 Update 60. The File version of java.exe for Java 8 Update 60 is the following:


      Notice the third number is a 3 digit number (600) in case of Java 8 Update 60 whereas the same is a 2 digit number for earlier Java 8 updates.


      The InstallAnywhere launcher code uses the java file version in order to determine and pick up a valid JVM path for the installer to use. The above change in the java file version is causing the launcher to fail and not use the valid JVM path.