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    PSoC Creator cyelftool / schematic editor




      Is there a cyelftool for MAC / Linux (not cymcuelftool!). The PSoC Creator version is needed for adjusting the .elf file's sections. Why doesn't Cypress provide an open-source version or create a build for Linux and MAC? It would be handy if we can use PSoC5 on different platforms. Everything is there, the IDE, compiler, programmer, debugger. Only cyelftool which is probably a c / cpp tool which could be easily migrated to another playform. Or why not make it open-source? That would increase usability without any costs imho.


      Or does Cypress want to keep the cymeta block proprietary? Don't think so the meta block just consist of:


      A = HEX version (16 bit)

      B = Silicon ID (32 bit)

      C = Cypress proprietary: Silicon ID + Checksum (32 bit)


      Also, what about stripping out the schematic editor / DWR from PSoC Creator (or making it open source). I mean, the sources aren't obfuscated.




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          Hi RoNo_264271,


          Unfortunately there is no plan to make PSoC Creator components open source or to create a build for other platforms at the moment

          For newer devices we have ModusToolbox which is available for mac and Linux too. But again PSoC 5 is not supported in ModusToolbox.

          As a workaround (I agree that it is not a fairly easy task), you can use PSoC Creator in Windows VM or export PSoC Creator project to other IDEs.

          Thank you for your feedback.


          Best Regards,

          Rakshith M B

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            The ONLY part of PSoC Creator that is really missing on Modus Toolbox is the Schematic Editor / Component / Pin Assignment interface.  It is written in .NET.  It *almost* works under Wine.


            If that were ported to Mono (which Microsoft now owns, and which is open source, and which implements the .NET CLR runtime), as a stand alone application, I could get by without using PSoC Creator under a VM, which can occasionally suck.


            The flow would be to open the Schematic Designer Application, drag, drop, draw, and save.   Switch to Modus Toolbox and compile.  Switch back to change.


            Unfortunately, under Wine, the drawing is terrible, and there are a lot of errors thrown, but it does tend to work.  With the source code and either 1) work with Codeweavers.com, or 2) Mono, it could be ported rather quickly, as such project go.  Probably 30 to 60 man days.