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    What is the process to merge cyacd Configuration file into PSoC Creator hex Firmware file to program CCG parts?


      In CCGx Host SDK User Guide @ https://www.cypress.com/file/432036/download , I can follow Section 5.2, which runs through and shows the high level process flow.


      There are three basic steps:

      • Define the configuration:
        • Reference Configuration Utility User Manual on how to create a .cyacd file.  https://www.cypress.com/file/183686/download , “Note that the XML file itself cannot be programmed to the device. A special file with “cyacd” extension is saved along with the XML file to the selected folder. This file should be used to program the configuration to the device.”
      • Define the firmware program desired:

                  Option 1: Use PSoC Creator to add any modifications to the base firmware for any device 

      Option 2: Obtain the default firmware from Cypress

      • Program the device
        • **** Detailed instructions for this step are eluding me **** <<== What are the steps to merge the cyacd and hex files??
        • Merge .cyacd Configuration file into .hex Firmware file
        • Use PSoC Programmer to load into the device