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    Issue with AN84858 - programming Psoc4 with another MCU



      I can't program a Psoc4 microcontroller (CY8C4014LQI-422) with a different MCU (different from Cypress). I followed the Application notes AN84858 but I can't "Acquire the device": I receive 0x07 value on "swd_PacketAck" in about 3msec after start (I mean, the program fails on "Read_IO (TEST_MODE, &status);" but, for example, if I use a slower clock (12MHz) I receive the same error in a previous step.. always after about 3 msec from reset.

      I wrote same code with same clock using a board with Psoc4-BLE as a programmer and everithing is working fine, I can re-progam my microcontroller.. this is a mistery for me.. I wanted to know if samething happens on Psoc4 after 3 msec since reset pin go high?

      Thanks in advance,