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    32-bit timer using two 16-bit timers on PSoC4100S Plus


      Summary - This example shows how to form a 32-bit timer using two 16-bit TCPWM components.


      This project was tested on CY8CKIT-149 board which contains PSoC 4100S Plus device on it. In this project, 'ov' (overflow) output of Timer_1 is connected to 'count' input of Timer_2. Clock connected for both the timers is the same. In this project, it is configured in such a way that Timer_1 and Timer_2 are started upon a button press. Once 32-bit timer count is completed an LED glows to indicate completion of a successful 32-bit timer count.


      Hardware Required - CY8CKIT-149 kit with PSoC4100S Plus


      Software Required - PSoC Creator 4.2


      PSoC Creator project and a screenshot of Top design are attached.