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    Error on Build when adding a digital output to a schematic


      My name  is Dan Radut and I started recently a project that is supposed to use a PSoC 4200L.

      I have designed the schematic below that turns alternatively ON/OFF the output signal Gen_ON_OFFn
      each time when pressing the Switch2.


      Please could someone explain why the Build issues this error message when the output digital pin
      Gen _ON_OFFn is attached to the TFF output:


      mkdepend: error:  cannot open ""

      The command 'mkdepend' failed with exit code '1'.


      This is the schematic:


      The pin assignments are:


      SW2                      P0[7]
      Gen_ON_OFFn    P5[4]
      UART:rx                P4[0]
      UART:tx                P4[1]


      Your comments and help will be highly appreciated,

      Dan Radut