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    [CYBT-343026-01] Regarding setting method of Tx_Power value of BLE/BDR/EDR


      Hi everyone


      Regarding setting method of Tx_Power value of BLE / BDR / EDR.

      If we refer to the following site and set Tx_pwer (as datasheet), then we can get below output value.

      Configuring Transmit (Tx) Power on CYW20706 Chip - KBA228573

      Is the below understanding correct?

      BDR / EDR + 12dBm setting → BDR + 12dBm (typ) / EDR + 9dBm (typ) (Can get the output)

      BLE + 8dBm setting → BLE + 9dBm (max) (Can get the output)


      BTW, check the following information.

      The link below is currently inaccessible.



      Have you changed to the following site?