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    Is my CY8CKIT-042-BLE just an old version?



      I actually have two -042 kits and they both have -142 modules on board. They were purchased quite some time ago.  Are the -042 kits being shipped now with -0143(something) modules?

      If I purchase the -0143 module(s), am I good to go or was the -042 base board changed making it incompatible with the new -143 module?


      I only came across this because I want to do some DMA work and saw that the -042 kits were capable. Then I got errors when trying to load example code. Wrong part on my module... with no DMA capability at all. In the mean time, I will do what I can with the CY8CKIT-044 M-series Pioneer kit


      Thanks a lot

      Tim Miner

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          Hi TiMi_264191


          You can purchase the 143 modules and they will work with the pioneer kit. The 143 modules have CY8C4248LQQ-BL583 and these support DMA.


          The CY8CKIT-044 kit has PSoC 4200 M and this too supports DMA. You can develop and test the application in the 044 kit and the project can be copied onto the BLE device once the module arrives. You might need to change the clock settings to get it to work.