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    S25FL256S part reads 0x88 not 0xFF with only change batch number. Same software two different results. S25FL256SABF00 831QQ097 A  earlier part OK but S25FL256SABF00 851QQ093 A  with quad read 0x6B read 0x88 per byte from erased new part (same for several


      We have a board with the S25FFL256S part changed to a newer batch number and are finding the 0x6B quad read command returning 0x88 not 0xFF for the new parts with the exact same software.  This is on all the new boards. This is on a Zynq 7020 for the QSPI flash used for boot.  I am looking into adding dummy cycles (there is one 8 cycle option) but I am worried the silicon is defective now.

      S25FL256SABF00 831QQ097 A   Older batch works fine

      S25FL256SABF00 851QQ093 A   New batch reads 0x88 not 0xFF for 0x6B quad read with 3 byte address.