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    CY8C4245AXI-473 Sequencing SAR Accumulator


      I am using the CY8C4245AXI-473 for a project I am working on. I have set up an 8-channel (all single ended) sequencing SAR component in Psoc Creator.


      From the sequencing SAR datasheet in PSoc Creator:


      Averaging Mode

      This parameter sets how the averaging mode operates. If the accumulate option is selected, each ADC result is added to the sum and allowed to grow until the sum attempts to outgrow a 16 bit value, at which point it is truncated. If the Fixed Resolution mode is selected, the LSb is truncated so that the value does not grow beyond the maximum value for the given resolution.



      This option selects whether or not the channel is averaged. When selected, the SAR sequencer stays on the channel and takes N readings, then adds the results together. The number of samples taken is determined by the Samples averaged parameter. Averaging is available only for the maximum Resolution selected in a particular channel. Select ALT resolution for all channels to allow averaging on fewer than 12 bits resolution. Averaging is always right-aligned; therefore, the Data Format Justification parameter is ignored.


      I am a little confused; if I set the "Samples average: 16" and check the "AVG" check box on each channel will the result from "ADC_GetResult16(CHANNEL_0)" be a 16-bit average or a 16-bit accumulated number?


      I don't quiet have the hardware setup just yet to just test it to find out. Am I just being confused by the term "Averaging Mode" and thinking that it should give me an average but it actually just accumulates?

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          That is a good question!


          I also have been wondering about it,

          but I have never tested it by myself.


          So this morning, I took the chance.


          On a CY8CKIT-042, CY8C4245AXI-483 is mounted,

          and I hope this device is enough close to yours.


          So I created a sample as follows








          #include "project.h"

          #include "stdio.h"


          #define STR_LEN 32

          char    str[STR_LEN+1] ;

          void    print(char *str)


              UART_UartPutString(str) ;



          void cls(void)


              print("\033c") ; /* reset */

              CyDelay(20) ;

              print("\033[2J") ; /* clear screen */

              CyDelay(20) ;



          void splash(char *prog_name)


              cls() ;

              if (prog_name && *prog_name) {

                  print(prog_name) ;


              print(" (") ;

              print(__DATE__) ;

              print(" ") ;

              print(__TIME__) ;

              print(")\n") ;



          void init_hardware(void)


              CyGlobalIntEnable; /* Enable global interrupts. */  

              UART_Start() ;

              ADC_Start() ;



          void measure(void)


              uint16_t raw_count ;

              int16_t  mV ;


              ADC_StartConvert() ;

              ADC_IsEndConversion(ADC_WAIT_FOR_RESULT) ;

              raw_count = ADC_GetResult16(0) ;

              mV = ADC_CountsTo_mVolts(0, raw_count) ;

              snprintf(str, STR_LEN, "count = %4d : %d.%03d V\n\r",

                  raw_count, mV/1000, mV%1000) ;

              print(str) ;



          int main(void)


              init_hardware() ;



              splash("CY8CKIT-042 ADC Test") ;




                  measure() ;

                  CyDelay(1000) ;





          Then I configured ADC with fixed resolution





          The result Tera Term log was



          Then I changed ADC to Accumulate mode





          The result Tera Term log was




          So, Yes, in the accumulate mode, the ADC counts were accumulated.

          But ADC_CountsTo_mVolts() API, took care of it, too.


          I hope this can be a hint for you ;-)



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