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    the problem of GraphicLCDIntf



      I  want to use GraphicLCDIntf to control a TFT(not CY8CKIT-028-TFT TFT Shield) ,but  I use the API of  GraphicLCDIntf_1_Write8(1,0xFF) to control the d0-d7 pin level and get unexpect effect  which  is  the d0-d7 pin  level ruleless,But they  are supposed to be high level.

      And  I have upload the project. Help please!

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          I am not quite sure about whether the pins should be measured as high level after calling the GraphicLCDIntf_1_Write8(1,0xFF).

          How about you try the below APIs -

          void GraphicLCDIntf_1_Write8_A0(uint8 wrData);              //write command

          void GraphicLCDIntf_1_Write8_A1(uint8 wrData);              //write single data

          void GraphicLCDIntf_1_WriteM8_A1(uint8 wrData[], int num); //write multiple data


          In addition, there is a demo code ce222221-psoc-6-mcu-voice-recorder using this API on DVK board. You can try it.

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            您好,请问不管我用的是GraphicLCDIntf_1_Write8( )还是 GraphicLCDIntf_1_Write8_A0(uint8 wrData)还是GraphicLCDIntf_1_Write8_A1(uint8 wrData)是不是理论上都应该使得d0-d7上输出对应的逻辑高低电平?比如我写了0xFF,是不是应该就是d0-d7全部高电平,不然控制逻辑不就不正确了吗?


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              我拿示例代码CE222221测试通过GraphicLCDIntf_1_Write8()/GraphicLCDIntf_1_Write8_A0(uint8 wrData)写全1,引脚的电平测下来并不全是高电平,看上去没有直接关系,具体还是要看应用需求,看你要实现哪种功能?