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    Circuit connection for Galvanostat using PSOC IDAC




      I am working on the PSoC 5LP CY8C5888TPI-097 MCU galvanostat project, The project consists of a 3 Electrode system, to which

      • The constant current source is applied between the Working Electrode and the Counter Electrode.
      • The resultant voltage is measured between the Woking electrode and the Reference Electrode as shown in the figure.



      Fig 1. Schematic diagram showing the three-electrode connection scheme between the electrochemical cell.




      Fig 2 PSOC IDAC


      For providing the constant current I am using IDAC and I am not finding a suitable example project on how the current source can be used between the two terminal devices with the PSoC examples. It will be really helpful if someone can guide me with how to deal with a current source in PSoC.


      I came up with the following circuit connections, Is it the right way or any changes needed?



      Figure. 3. one approach for the galvanostat