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    Which PDL and Kitprog versions work with my PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit


      I've 3 x PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kits that are a few years old now. I've got PSoC Creator 4.2 loaded on an old 32bit Windows10 PC and I blindly update components and peripherals as they come up in PSoC Creator and via Cypress Update Manager.


      I've used Programmer 3.28.6 to update my boards to KitProg3. It gave the green light to say update was successful.


      However, now when I program any of my boards nothing happens. Following the flash routine within PSoC Creator the LED3 (kitprog2 status leds) on my PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer boards is solid green and that is it. I've even tried a simple LED blink using cydelay etc. Even that did nothing.


      So somewhere along the line through all these updates I have created a backwards compatibility issue with my dev boards.


      Any tips on how to unravel.