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    Customising BLE_PROFILE_CFG parameters in the application




      I see within the examples such as hello_client.c that a BLE_PROFILE_CFG struct is defined with all parameters, for example hello_client_cfg


      const BLE_PROFILE_CFG hello_client_cfg =
          /*.fine_timer_interval            =*/ 1000, // ms
          /*.default_adv                    =*/ HIGH_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE,
          etc etc...
          /*.encr_required                  =*/(SECURITY_ENABLED | SECURITY_REQUEST), 



      During APPLICATION_INIT(), the hello_client_cfg is passed to bleapp_set_cfg()


      // Application initialization
          bleapp_set_cfg((UINT8 *)hello_client_gatt_database,
                         (void *)&hello_client_cfg,
                         (void *)&hello_client_puart_cfg,
                         (void *)&hello_client_gpio_cfg,



      However, the application code does not refer to this configuration. Instead, the application refers to the default configuration pointer, bleprofile_p_cfg. For example, within hello_client_connection_up() there is source code as follows:


      // if we connected as a master configure slave to enable notifications
      if (hello_client.dev_info[cm_index].role == MASTER)
          if (bleprofile_p_cfg->encr_required == 0)
              UINT16 u16 = 1;
              bleprofile_sendWriteReq(HANDLE_HELLO_SENSOR_CLIENT_CONFIGURATION_DESCRIPTOR, (UINT8 *)&u16, 2);
              // following call will start bonding if devices are not pairing, or will request
              // encryption if bonding has been established before
              ble_trace0("starting security");
          // count number of slave connections
          hello_client.handle_to_master = con_handle;
          // the code below may cause problem with iOS 6 and 7, fixed in iOS8
          if ((bleprofile_p_cfg->encr_required & SECURITY_REQUEST) != 0)
          // ask master to set preferred connection parameters
          lel2cap_sendConnParamUpdateReq(100, 116, 0, 500);



      1. In this example, how is the hello_client_cfg being used?
      2. Are the members of the underlying bleprofile_p_cfg struct copied into this application defined struct under-the-hood? i.e. does hello_client_cfg point to bleprofile_p_cfg after the call to bleapp_set_cfg()?
      3. Why is the hello_client_connection_up() is not making use of the hello_client_cfg config?
      4. When the custom config is passed into bleapp_set_cfg(), does the stack make use of it?
      5. I see there is a function named bleprofile_CFGRegister() which is defined within bleprofile.h - should the application make use of this function to register an application-specific BLE_PROFILE_CFG which will be used by both the application and the stack?


      * \brief Register Configuration
      * \ingroup bleprofile
      * \details Application can call this function to overwrite default configuration.
      * \param p_cfg Pointer to the BLE_PROFILE_CFG configuration structure.
      void bleprofile_CFGRegister(BLE_PROFILE_CFG *p_cfg);


      An explanation would be gratefully received!