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    PSoC4-BLE project on CYBLE-212020 can not connect via BLE


      I have a very strange fault and I don't know where to look for the cause! So any suggestions are welcome.


      The situation is this: I have a rather big project running on a PSoC4-BLE module (CY8CKIT-143A). On the PSoC4 everything runs smooth and the performance is great.


      Now I wanted to port this project on a CYBLE-212020 module because I wanted to go for a smaller footprint.

      I use the PSoC-Creator and adjusted the device to the CYBLE-212020.

      The project compiles and it seems like everything runs fine. It is a FreeRTOS project with several tasks, that appear to work with a fine timing.


      But my problem is the BLE-connection:

      When I try to connect with my smartphone I get an "0x85 GATT ERROR" and my device is disconnected.

      After several attemps I can sometimes connect, but this is not the performance that I want.


      What did I try?

      I adjusted the timing of the BLE-component (connection interval).

      I adjusted the sleepmodes of the BLE-component and the other parts from DEEPSLEEP to SLEEP.

      I tried to add and remove some other tasks to test the principle timing and function of FreeRTOS.


      Finally I have no idea what the problem is and I have no idea where I could search for the cause!

      Anyone with a good idea?