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    Cy_SysTick_GetCountFlag() Issue.




      I have potentially detected a Cy_SysTick_GetCountFlag() Issue.


      Problem:  Cy_SysTick_GetCountFlag() inconsistently reports a SysTick counter reached 0 count.


      Attached is a MTB project highlighting the issue.


      Project summary:

      • Targeted for the CY8CPROTO-063-BLE although any PSoC6 board will suffice.
      • Uses retarget-io to the standard debug terminal @ 115.2Kbps.
      • Sets up a SysTick with:
        • CLK_LF as the source (CLK_LF routed to WCO)
        • Reload = (1<<16)-1 =  65535.  This is to have the wrap-around for the SysTick every 2 secs.
        • Callback is Set.
        • Cy_SysTick_GetCountFlag() called in for(;;) loop

      The code is very simple.

      If the systick_wrap variable is incremented in the Callback ISR, "SysTick counter wrapped!" is printed to the terminal.

      If the getcount_flag variable is incremented in the Callback ISR, "GetCount_Flag received!" is printed to the terminal.



      The optimum result is that every 2 secs the terminal should have:

      SysTick counter wrapped!

      GetCount_Flag received!


      Actual Observations:

      Every 2 secs,  either "SysTick counter wrapped!" OR "GetCount_Flag received!" is printed.


      Modified code:

      If I comment out lines 133-136 in main.c (disabling the Cy_SysTick_GetCountFlag() call and leaving the Callback enabled)

      I get "SysTick counter wrapped!" EVERY 2 secs!


      If I comment out line 112 in main.c (disabling the Callback but enabling the Cy_SysTick_GetCountFlag() call)

      I get "GetCount_Flag received!" erratically.


      I realize some SysTick API calls clear the Count flag as a side-effect.  Once in the for(;;) loop, Only the Callback and the Cy_SysTick_GetCountFlag() is called.




      Message was edited by: Len This issue has been reproduced in PSoC Creator as well. Project Attached.