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    Rewriting the OTP region of S25FL128S


      I am working on S25FL128S OTP write/read. I have observed that after successfully writing any OTP region the subsequent writes are writing incorrect data in that region.

      Is this a normal behavior? Can I rewrite any OTP region (region 1 to region 31) if the OTP Lock bit (corresponding bit in OTP Lock Bytes - 4 bytes of region 0) is not cleared (locked)?

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          Hi Akhilesh,


          I would like to inform you that any bit in the OTP region can be programmed from 1 to 0 only once. There is no erase operation option for OTP region and hence, bits which are already programmed to 0 cannot be erased to 1. Subsequent OTP programming can be performed only on the un-programmed bits (that is, 1 data).

          The OTP lock bits ensure that no further programming is possible to that particular OTP region.

          Hope this answers your query.