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    portYield_FROM_ISR is AWOL


      This probably falls in the "dumb newbie question" category. :-)


      I have been trying to manually recreate the BLE FindMe example presented in the video Cypress video PSoC 6 101: Lesson 3-1 Introduction to BLE - YouTube, but on a CYBLE_416045 evaluation board. My efforts so far are in the attached zip file.


      I am pretty sure that I have duplicated everything correctly (except for the calls to printf() and redirecting the console output, which I don't need). But the build step complains that portYield_FROM_ISR() is undefined. It appears to be defined in portmacro.h and I even tried adding an explicit include for that h file, but it didn't fix the problem.


      I can't seem to puzzle out why this particular macro remains undefined. Can anybody please tip me off as to where I dropped the ball?




      Ed H.