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    I have created a KiCad library for PSoC 4200 Family parts


      I needed a KiCad library for the PSoC 4200 Family of MCUs, and I could not find one (Cypress had libraries for Allegro, Altium, and Pads, but not KiCad), so I created one myself. It can be downloaded from this page: PSoC 4200 MCU Family Library for KiCad.


      The library contains a complete set of schematic symbols, and all associated footprints and 3D models not included in the standard libraries (the WLCSP package in this case), for doing designs with KiCad using any of the PSoC 4200 Family of MCUs. It includes support for all five packages available: CY8C42xxAXx (44-pin TQFP), CY8C42xxAZx (48-pin TQFP), CY8C42xxFNx (35-ball WLCSP), CY8C42xxLQx (40-pad QFN), and CY8C42xxPVx (28-pin SSOP). The schematic symbols show the pin functionality available for its associated package. Note that the internal configuration between the different models of the PSoC 4200 using the same package are not shown (it’s a generic schematic symbol and associated footprint that will work for all of the variations that use the same package). The secondary port functions that are common across all variants of the part in a particular package are shown. Specifically, the external voltage reference, wake up, external clock, and Serial-Wire Debug (SWD) pin associations are all shown.


      The library archive contains a README.TXT file with a description of the library and installation instructions to use it with KiCad. The LICENSE.TXT file contains the license it was released under. Fyi, the license is effectively same as the KiCad Library License: the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license with an exception to allow any works that use the library to be unencumbered by any particular licensing restrictions (again, see the KiCad Library License or the LICENSE.TXT file distributed with the archive).