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    About DHCP address acquisition


      There is confirmation about the operation of DHCP.


      I received an Offer from the DHCP server, but there is a phenomenon that the Request is not responded.

      You can resend Discover and complete the process, but this phenomenon occurs about 5 out of 10 times.

      Is there any factor that makes address acquisition unstable?


      * It seems that the DHCP IP address acquisition process is being performed by the NET X library "nx_dhcp_request_client_ip, nx_dhcp_start" function in the dhcp_client_init function of WICED API (wiced_network.c).

        The .NET X library is a black box and no further confirmation is possible

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          Indeed NetX is a black box and there is no clear way to understand what exact step it is failing. Since, I don't see the same issue in my NetX setup; so I am assuming it might be setup specific.


          Few things to try out:

          1. Try using LwIP network stack and see if you are still hitting the same issue.
          2. Try capturing the Wireshark log. Check the DHCP Offer packet, transaction ID, lease time etc and then check whether DHCP request corresponding to the same transaction ID is being sent out or not.
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            thank you for your answer.
            We proceeded with the investigation, but did not solve it.
            This matter has been put on hold, so the question ends.