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    Issue with BLE and some Android devices




      I'm currently working on an app with the module CYBLE-012011 and I'm facing an annoying issue.

      When I'm trying to connect my android to the device with the cySmart app, I'm not able to establish connection. This issue does not occur with all android device.

      I have 4 test phones; when I have ran the test only 2 have had a successful connection.



      Huawei mate 20 pro : Android 10 -> connection issue


      Huawei p20 pro : Android 9 -> connected  successfully


      Xiaomi remi note 8: Android 9 -> connections issue


      Xiaomi mi 9t pro : Android 10 -> connected successfully



      Version of BLE compoment topdesign : 3.64 (3.51 also tested with the same results)



      I also try to connect the device to a custom Qt app (Huawei mate 20 pro), and I get this log:


      W QtBluetoothGatt: Using Android v23 BluetoothDevice.connectGatt()

      W QtBluetoothGatt: Unhandled error code on connectionStateChanged: 133 0

      W liblowenergyscanner.so: Error:  "Error occurred trying to connect to remote device."


      I believe that I have tried all possible settings in the component, but I always have the same results.

      Am I missing something? Please could you advise.



      P.S: I can establish a connection between my samsung tv, and my Huawei mate 20 pro without any problem and with the same app (cySmart app)