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    Can not programming the 213043-MESH EVB




      I use ModusToolbox 2.1 to program mesh sample code to evb.

      But it can not downloading succcessful, that will show CRC msimatch


      Downloading FW ...

      CRC mismatch while checking 66 bytes starting at address 0x00500000; host computed A86DA809, firmware computed 1C7EC6E5

      Download failed




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          Are you facing this issue with all the applications? Please clean and build other applications too and let me know the results. 


          Could you please try below workarounds too.

          • From the "quick panel" option do "clean" the application before building/programming it.
          • Recover the device properly by below sequence before programming,

                  "Press and hold recover button - Press and release the reset button - Release the recover button"

          • Unplug the meshkit device. Go to Device manager of your system. Check any Ports ("Ports (COM &LPT)") are still available there or not. If yes, please uninstall it manually and connect the device back and download the app.
          • Check with another mesh kit and a new USB cable.


          Please let me know if it works.




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