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    BLE Service config files (*.service.xml)


      In PSoC Creator 4.3, Configure 'BLE', GATT Settings, GATT/Server/Add Service, one choice is "From File..." Where is the documentation for that? I could swear I've seen this used in some code sample, but I can't find that now, either.

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          The BLE component GUI gives you several options to save the entire configuration/profile configuration or service configuration and to use it in future.


          For example, you can store a service by selecting the service--> Right click on it--> save. After that, you can add the same service from GATT/Server/Add Service/From file and select the previously saved file.


          Similarly, you can save the entire BLE configuration from save icon and load icon as shown below:




          You can save and load the corresponding GATT profile from load and save icons as shown below




          And you can also save the individual service and characteristic shown in the figure below. You can add them through the procedure you have mentioned.




          Hope this helps !




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            Thank you!


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