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    In WICED Module, SPP(BR/EDR) and BLE-to-Serial




      I want to build SPP or BLE to Serial environment between WICED Modules (CYBT-353027-02).

      Unfortunately, EZ-Serial F/W does not support BR/EDR Master (SPP mode) and BLE Central (CYSPP mode).


      Therefore, I think it is necessary to use the WICED SDK or Modus sample design.



      WICED / Modus SPP sample design (SPP Library API) is like the design on the slave side.

      Can you provide an example design on the Master side that uses the SPP Library API?



      Is a design like CYSPP mode (BLE to Serial) of EZ-Serial provided in the WICED/Modus sample design?

      Also, does it support both Central role and Peripheral role?


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          Hello KeTa_1341526 San ,


          Yes , with Modus / WICED SDK , you have the flexibility to put the device either in Master / Slave mode.

          But currently we don't have any readily available example for your requirement . However below are the references you can try .


          Q1) BR/EDR master :

          We do not have any existing examples for BT classic master. In BT classic you need to start inquiry and paging process to establish a connection and communicate. There is only profile level of connection APIs available.

          For example , suppose you want to use SPP profile, you may try below steps for Master side:

          1. Start an inquiry if peer device address is unknown . API wiced_bt_start_inquiry (check wiced_bt_dev.h file for API details)
          2. inquiry scan call back will list all the peer BT classic devices
          3. You can send a pair request to the concerned peer device if needed . API wiced_bt_dev_sec_bond
          4. You can send SPP profile level connection Spp connect . Check API wiced_bt_spp_connect in spp_lib.c
          5. In WICED SDK , You may also refer to hci_audio_gateway demo for implementation.(/20719-B1_Bluetooth/apps/demo/hci_audio_gateway )

          Q2) I am sorry there is no BLE to serial demo available. Yes, the device can put in to Central or Peripheral role. You can refer to hello_client for BLE Central mode . You can use characteristic write property to send the UART raw data (read by PUART APIs) to peripheral connected.