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    CX3 sample firmware for Image sensor Configuration




      About CX3 sample FW. Read two project files of cycx3_rgb16_as0260 and cycx3_rgb24_as0260 in Eclipse,
      But, I cannot edit the Image Sensor Configuration (xxx.cycx).

      ・In the cycx3_rgb16_as0260 project, I get an error like the attachment (rgb16AS0260.png).
      In the cycx3_rgb24_as0260 (Cx3Rgb24AS0260.png) project, the "Frame Configuration" screen is locked and cannot be edited.
      Q) I  am thinking that deleting the existing xxx.cycx and create a new one. but, how can I edit it as it is?


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          Hello Arai-san,


          As per the "EZ-USB Suite User Guide",

          Configuration parameters cannot be modified in pre-defined configuration option, but can be stored as a custom configuration by pressing Save button located at upper right corner of window.


          For more information, please look through from "4.4  Using the CSI Configuration Utility" in the EZ-USB Suite User Guide.


          Best regards,

          Hirotaka Takayama