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    Add endpoints results in invalid configuration descriptor


      This is how cyfxbulklpdscr.c in AN87216 slave example is changed:




           /* Configuration descriptor */

                /* Length of this descriptor and all sub descriptors */: from 0x2C,0x00, to 0x46,0x00,


           /* Interface descriptor */

                /* Number of end points */: from 0x02, to 0x04,


           And another two endpoints are added to the end of CyFxUSBSSConfigDscr.

          The max packet size of these endpoints are set to 256 bytes:    

                0x00,0x01,                      /* Max packet size = 256 bytes */


           The two existing endpoints's address are 0x01 and 0x81.

           The two new endpoints's address are 0x02 and 0x83


      When load the firmware into RAM with Control Center, in the Windows Device Manager, the problem of the device is invalid configuration descriptor.