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    Super speed only


      Can use device be configured to be super speed only?


      If so, what to do - remove CyU3PUsbSetDesc for device descriptors and configuration descriptors in CyFxBulkLpApplnInit?


      If not, does USB support null configuration with zero interface? Or null interface with zero endpoint?

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          Can use device be configured to be super speed only?

          >>The connection speed can be determined using the CyU3PConnectState  API

          The second parameter decides the USB connection speed. IF yu want the device to enumerate as SuperSpeed Device the second parameter of this API should be set CyTrue and can be set to CyFalse if device should be enumerated as High Speed/Full Speed device


          CyU3PConnectState (CyFalse, CyTrue);


          The above mentioned API will help in you application but if you still need to configure FX3 in USB 3.0 only mode you can refer to the below mentioned API from the FX3APIGuide in the SDK


          There is one more API which can be used CyU3PUsbControlUsb2Support.

          By default, the FX3 device is configured to attempt both USB 3.0 and 2.0 connections to a USB host. The USB driver in the firmware automatically attempts a hi-speed or full speed connection, if the SuperSpeed connection fails to go through link training.


          Some designs may use the FX3 device in USB 3.0 mode alone. This API can be used to modify the driver behavior to suppress the USB 2.0 device operation on FX3. USB events are provided to notify the user that the 3.0 connection has failed, and a 2.0 connection needs to be attempted. The CyU3PConnectState API should be called repeatedly to retry the USB 3.0 connection.


          Let me know if any queries on this