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    When to use CyU3PDmaChannelSetWrapUp


      In AN87216 slave firmware, there is





      What is the purpose, is this required as a work around for chip bug?

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          If any state in the state machine has the action INTR_CPU associated with it, then the state machine will Interrupt the on-chip CPU to generate CYU3P_GPIF_EVT_SM_INTERRUPT event, which is to be handled by the firmware application. This handling is done by the GPIF callback function which is registered using the API CyU3PGpifRegisterCallback.

          Normally, a PROD event is triggered only when a full Buffer is received on the Producer socket. But the API CyU3PDmaChannelSetWrapUp will invoke the DMA callback function with the PROD_EVENT triggered even if the received buffer is a partial buffer or this is used for committing partial buffers.


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