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    How to communicate with firmware?


      Whats the example where I can send a USB package to the firmware using control endpoint zero?

      I need to configure some options for the firmware.




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          Hello Lucas,


          USB packets can be sent through control endpoints using vendor commands.

          Vendor commands are used in the bulksrcsink example of the SDK


          When these vendor requests are sent from the host application, it can be handled in the way you want. .


          In bulksrcsink example there is one vendor request which passes current event log index to host.


          The below vendor request is 0x81 with bytes to transfer (wLength ) as 2 bytes


          When vendor command is sent from host application. I am sending it from control center


          The direction of data is IN here (data is transferred from FX3 to host).


          Similarly you can define vendor commands and then handle them accordingly


          Other examples in SDK which have vendor commands are i2cregmode, i2cdmamode. Please refer to readme.txt file of these firmware examples to understand better.


          Please let me know if any queries on this




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            Great thanks!