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    Deep Learning Inference Demo: CIFAR-10 Image Classification on PSoC6


      1. Summary


      This demo

      - inputs images in CIFAR-10 test image dataset saved in Flash of PSoC62,

      - classifies the input images into 10 classes with Convolutional Neaural Network (CNN), and

      - outputs a result of the classification to LCD display.




      2. Hardware required


      - Cypress PSoC6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT

      - Cypress TFT Display Shield Board CY8CKIT-028-TFT



      3. Software required


      - Arm MDK V5.25.2.0, and Cypress PSoC Creator 4.2

      - Arm NN Example CIFAR-10 of Arm MDK ( downloadable from Arm GitHub too )

      - CE222221 Voice Recorder Example of Cypress PSoC Creator 4.2



      Please see the attachment for details:

      - AN-PSoC62ArmNNExampleCIFAR10PortingEng.pdf --- Overview and Porting Procedure

      - AN-PSoC62ArmNNExampleCIFAR10.mp4 --- Demo Video 1 with CapSense Manipulation

      - AN-PSoC62ArmNNExampleCIFAR10r1.mp4 --- Demo Video 2 focused to Display

      - ArmCM4FPCnnCifar10r1Lib.zip --- a MDK project file for CNN

      - CE222221pCnnCifar10Graphics --- a PSoC Creator project of this demo