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    QSPI Nand Flash (FL-S) for Application Code Storage Reliable or NOT?


      Is it reliable to use S25FL512S QSPI NOR Flash (FL-S; MicroBit Eclipse Architecture) for Application Code Storage in Embedded System? Or such QSPI NOR flash are recommended for data storage only?

      According to my knowledge, some years ago both SPI and Parallel NOR flash were available without ECC and NAND flash were available with on-die-ECC. Now I see that QSPI NOR flash is also available with ECC. So I think ECC is required where bit flip can occur. Therefore, I want ask if I need 100% reliable flash memory for application code storage, should I prefer SPI NOR flash without ECC (FL-K; Floating Gate Technology) or QSPI NOR flash with ECC (FL-S; MicroBit Eclipse) Technology? And similarly, is it safe to use FL-P MicroBit architecture NOR flash for application code storage purpose?