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    uLink pro flash erase



      I have a problem using the unLinkpro debugger with the PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit demo board.


      I created a project and imported it on keil, and I connected my uLinkPro to the connector : J11- PSoC 6 MCU program and debug header ''.

      The problem is that I can't erase the microcontroller flash with uLinkPro. In fact I am able to debug with uLinkPro, and Keil  debug mode works well, but first I have to erase the flash through J10-KitProg2 USB connector.

      Whenever I have to reprogram the flash I must first erase with the on board debugger (with the tool Psoc Programmer), and then I can program with ulinkPro. Of course I would only like to use uLinkPro. But If I try to erase the flash using uLinkPro and Keil directly I have the error: "Error: Flash Download failed".

      Can anyone tell me what the problem may be? Anyone know possible solution?

      Could the problem be related to .FLM files?




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          I hope you followed the instructions to export the project to Keil. If you go to Help > PSoC Creator Help Topics, find the section "Creating uVision Projects for PSoC6" which provides step by step instructions to export the project from PSoC Creator and import the project into Keil.


          Once you have the project setup, refer to the section "Setting up for ULink2/ULink Pro probes and Segger JLink debugger probes" which provides step by instructions on the settings you need to use to successfully program your device.


          The FLM files are available as part of the CMSIS-PACK that gets generated in "<project_name.cydsn>/Export/Pack".