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    Nand flash for Application Code Storage - Reliable or NOT


      Hi Cypress Technical Team,

      Currently I have used a Micron NAND flash for application code storage. Now later on I read an article from Cypress web site AN99111 which says that NOR flash is preferred for code storage due to 100% known good bits.

      Now my question is if I use Micron NAND flash MT29F4G08ABADAH4 by enabling its on-chip internal ECC (5-bit detection and 4-bit error correction), is it safe to use it for code storage? Or do I must use NOR flash for code storage to achieve 100% reliability?

      Please note, as data retention in NAND flash is 10 years and in NOR flash 20 years. In my application 10 years duration is enough but however 100% reliability is mandatory.

      Kindly guide me. Best Regards, Imran Ali