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    S70FS01GS QUAD_NV=1 and QA_NV=0 with WRAR Command


      Hello Support,


      In the S&)FS01GS Datasheet, I am unable to find WRAR Command related SPI Waveform figure.

      When QUAD_NV=1 and QA_NV=0, then WRAR parameter data byte shall be in QUAD Mode or Legacy Single-SPI Mode?

      How do I figure out from datasheet contents.

      I understand that WRAR command Byte will be in Legacy Single SPI Mode. But I am asking about the WRAR parameter data byte.


      Also please provide me SPI waveform similar to CLSR command section within the Datasheet.


      Best Regards

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          Our device S70FS01GS will accept legacy single SPI commands even if the QUAD bit is set in configuration register. So, you can send the parameter data byte after WRAR command in single SPI mode. Also, it is mentioned in the datasheet that, the command sequence and behavior of WRAR command is similar to PP and 4PP command. You can refer waveform given for PP and 4PP commands on page 96, they are applicable for WRAR command also.


          Thanks and Regards,


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